Gown 101

Bridal gown shopping is very different from shopping for regular clothes.  Whether you get your dress at a Bridal Blowout Event or a traditional salon, here is a quick guide in preparation for finding your perfect gown!

1. Shop Early, ideally 4-6 months prior to the Wedding:
If buying a gown from a salon, you will need to order the gown at least six months before your wedding.  On top of that, your seamstress will need time to alter the dress if needed.

2. Set a Budget - don't forget alterations!
The average bridal gown will cost approximately $1,500 at a traditional salon, not including alteration costs (which can range $50-$500 depending on the dress).

3. Educate yourself on Gown shapes and necklines!

4. Bring pictures of your dream gown!
Look at magazines, the internet, catalogues for inspiration.  Better yet, look at our Pinterest page for MORE ideas and inspiration!

When trying on gowns, there's a couple of "good etiquette" rules to follow:
  • If booking an appoint, please be courteous and come at least 15 minutes early.
  • Be open-minded
  • Wear the proper undergarments or bring extra undergarments to wear underneath the gown.
  • Refrain from wearing makeup, excess perfume or deodorant.  These tend to stain or ruin the gowns.
  • Bring your own high heeled shoes.  You want to make sure the gown has the right length with heels. 
  • Bring your own accessories to get the full effect.
Why buy your dress at a Bridal Gown Blowout?
  • You leave with the same dress you tried on.
  • No long ordering process, and you immediately know if any alterations are needed.
  • Hundreds of dresses to choose from and ALL under $1,000!
  • We allow pictures! Take all the pictures you want of you in the gowns.